Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Writing's on the wall (Very Superstitious)

I've never thought of myself as particularly superstitious. I can never remember which shoulder to throw the salt over or why (besides the obvious reasons involving hygeine and sanitation) I'm not supposed to put my shoes on the table.

However, I can NOT walk by a penny on the ground without picking it up and preferably giving it away (thanks for that one, mom) and I'm definitely one for signs and omens. Sure, perhaps it's a tad narcisisistic to assume that nature or whatever would take the time to arrange itself into my very own magic 8 ball, but hey, in a moment of decision making paralisis, where both sides seem equally stacked with pros and cons, I'll take all the help I can get.

If that help is nothing more than narcisism, irrationality or my overactive imagination, so be it.

I swear part of the reason I decided to go ahead and uproot my life to move here a year ago was because the day before I got the call telling me about the job and asking if I might be interested in applying, I had impulsively bought curtains and couch cushion covers. It's like I was pre-nesting for no apparent reason, until the call came and gave me one.

On the weekend, as I dragged my drowned rat self back from an assignment I had shown up in the rain an hour early for, I was doing a nice job of fretting myself towards hairloss over whether or not I'm spending my time where I should be right now. Should I be moving on to something bigger and scarier? To something in the city?

Then, as I turned onto the road home? This:

That rainbow might as well have been my very own bat signal, shining directly out of the top of my house, from the looks of it.

So I figure I'll stick around a little longer.


floreta said...

awesome entry about signs! i believe in them as well. i wonder what your spiritual beliefs are? while i don't believe in god (but open to the possibility).. i think these types of signs are perhaps a collection of "something more out there". sometimes its the little things that help give you the shove you need in the right direction (and by right direction i really mean any direction)

Elle Bee... said...

What a lovely picture, my dear! I love rainbows.

As much as it doesn't affect me at all, I'm glad to see that you're sticking around the small town for a little longer... they may need to you shed some big city light on their lives. xo

lovelila said...

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not prone to extremely superstitious behavior or anything, but there are two things that I can't help: 1) Don't put your purse on the floor, you'll lose money (Thanks to an aunt) and 2) If your nose itches, someone is talking or thinking about you (Thanks to my mom). I'm on the fence when it comes to signs in nature, but I lean more toward being a believer.

Love the picture!

Amy said...

that's cool...definitely a good omen for staying put for a while, i'd say :)

Sarah said...

Floreta: Thanks! I think I'm definitely a believer of "something more out there" as well as the idea that everything (people, nature, etc) is connected although I don't have a name for my particular brand of spirituality, I'm definitely open to possibility. I think it's kind of arrogant to assume that we've got it all figured out.

Elle Bee: Aw, haha. I do have fun occasionally gently shocking folks with my crazy socialist hippie/city girl type views.

lovelila: What is it about certain things like that that just stay with us? I'm glad I'm not the only one who has some of these habits.

Amy: I sure hope so!