Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preparing for takeoff...again.

In approximately one short month my contract at the smalliest small-town paper will be up. The woman whose shoes I have been filling may or may not return. So, I have one short month to decide whether or not to hang around and hope against hope that she decides to take some more time to be at home with baby, or to seek employment elsewhere and move out of my (beautiful, fabulous) apartment post-haste. Eeshk.

The (sort of) obvious choice is to head to the big city. At least three of my favourite people are living there currently PLUS Boyfriend will be moving there in about a week. I've been saying all year that for my next job, I would like to be either in a more populated area or at least closer to family and/or friends. It's been a fairly lonely existence here, despite a couple of lovely neighbours and co-workers. Moving to the city would theoretically do both.

But bleurghh. Did I ever not have fun the last time I lived there. Granted, I was only there for three months, living in a horrible, noisy, suffocating coffin-in-hell of a dorm room and spending my days fearing the wrath of the higher-ups at the very swish magazine I was interning (unpaid) at. Oh, and I felt lonely there too!

But this time would be better, right?

I just need an apartment I don't dread coming home to and a job that doesn't make me break out in hives. I might even need to learn to drive my car in the city (ew). I also need people to start buying more newspaper and magazine subscriptions so that I can actually do the work I love.

Anyway, my point is, didn't I just do the whole big scary leap of a move/new job thing?

The idea of starting a tiny quinoa farm and living off the grid somewhere is starting to look like less work. Kind of.

(Yes, that is the plane I flew)


quarter-life lady. said...

Ugh. These kind of decisions are always rough. And since there's no right or wrong answer, it's stressful to figure out what will actually be the best choice for you. I guess it's most important to focus on yourself and what would be the best decision for your life and your career. Good luck as I'm sure you'll be thinking a lot this month!

Elle Bee said...

My decision for you is EDMONTON!

You'll figure things out, I'm sure. And it would be lovely for you to be close to boyfriend.

But, you know, you should always consider here a good option. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, make that two votes for Edmonton. ;-) How exciting for you Sarah. *hug*

M said...

Utah! Definitely Utah. No, come to Toronto, because then I can say, "Wanna go for brunch?" and we'll go for brunch. Which is what I wanna do NOW.

Mari said...

Oh my god, it looks smaller than my bathroom, that plane.

You'll do well, no matter where you land.

Errant Gosling said...

I'd make your next jump as big as you can. You'll have plenty of time to pick convenience and nicety later. For now, leap.

Kyla Bea said...

Oh, such a hard choice!

I think that there might not be an easy answer - but why not try the big city? If the boy is going I would do that, but my boy is really nice so.. = )

The consequences you're talking about though, they can happen anywhere. If you really want more people and more things happening it sounds like a good leap!

Anonymous said...

I feel like at this point in our lives we have to make those scary big choices way too often.
It's annoying. I say go with your gut. Whatever will make you happy.
That's hard to know for sure but just try. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Big decisions can be hard, but it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and I'm sure you'll figure it out when the time is right.

(I'm impressed that you flew a plane!)

Emily said...

you flew a plane?? holy crap that is impressive.

and i know how it is feeling like you keep making huge decisions/moves over and over again. i just moved from the city i've lived in for 13 years to tampa in july and now i'm moving again to charlotte in may. crazy how life takes you all over the place.

but i think the important thing is just finding the right balance. finding what fits your style and your life. my advice would be to go to the city, be around your friends and your boyfriend and vow that you won't be as miserable as you were the last go round.

whatever you do though i wish you the best. big moves like these can be scary but oh so much fun!