Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Grinch who stole my boyfriend

"I don't want to go."

"So stay," I mumbled, trying to unglue my eyelids and force him into agreement with my powers of hypnosis.

This proving impossible at 6:00 am on a Sunday after an evening of red wine, youtube karaoke, and the Grinch who stole Christmas, I settled for snuggling in closer to lure him back to sleep or at least steal some of his body heat.

As usual, my mediocre plan failed.

He might think I'm sweet, and beautiful, and fun. So much so that he'll not only watch The Little Mermaid with me, but he'll learn to play Under the Sea on guitar.

He'll make dinner while I'm at work, and he'll patiently tag along while I browse for the perfect vintage inspired cocktail dress (at least for a long as he's been fed...and the store doesn't happen to be playing Jann Arden, but still!).

But the thing about being in a long-distance relationship with an actor is the second an audition comes up, he's gone. His first visit to my lonely little apartment since (Canadian) Thanksgiving is suddenly cut short a week early.

And I feel blue.


Leslie said...

Here, this should cheer you up!

Sarah said...

hahaha. At least he didn't buy me a moustache waxer.

Mari said...

Aww Sarah, I'm in the same boat. Feeling for you! I try to stay busy, and we are making a lot of cookies and cakes over here, 'cause dessert does help... ; ) especially with some really good strong coffee. We even made crepes for dinner last night!

Mari said...

I meant to write how much I love that picture. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

awe man. i'm sorry sweetie.

at least christmas is soon? you'll be able to see him over the holidays, ya?


Sarah said...

Thanks guys. I'm hoping he'll be able to head back by New Years, so I suppose it's not the end of the world really. Just the whole 8 hours away thing is wearing on me I guess.

And Mari, I'm way ahead of you on the desserts. Fortunately I'm well-stocked with my holiday baking. Of course, now I'll have to find something else to give as gifts. ;)

Elle Bee said...

I'm jealous that yours will watch The Little Mermaid with you. Speaking of which, my word verification is "ersula", not quite the Ursula b*tch from the movie, but pretty darn close.

Here's hoping he gets back to you soon.