Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa baby

I've spent the last few days typesetting letters to Santa from all of the local elementary schools to be printed in the paper. They all sound pretty much the same:

Dear Santa,
I've been a good girl/boy.
I would like a PS3, Ipod, Idog, Bratz doll, Bratz car, Bratz house, Barbie doll, wii, gameboy, dirt bike, snowboard, skateboard, bakugon (what?), ninja turtle, Hannah Montana freaking everything, etc, etc.
I will leave you milk and cookies.

Your friend

Some Kid

However, in the midst of all these, there were one or two requests that stood out:

Dear Santa,
I would like a box of crayons, some new clothes, a blanket, my dad to come home for Christmas.

A friend of mine called last night to ask what I want for Christmas. I couldn't think of a single thing. If I were writing a letter to Santa, it might look something like this.

Dear Santa,
I have been a reasonably good girl. I've worked hard and I've been nice and I always, always recycle.

I would like donations of goats, chickens, and mosquito nets made in my name.
I would like the Stephen Lewis foundation to be able to continue its work and support the Panzi hospital of Bukavu to help the disgraceful amount of women who have been brutalized and sexually assaulted.

I would like trees planted, I would like education and equal opportunities for all.
Dear Santa, I have health, and love and laughter. I have food and shelter and freedom from fear. And the perfect gift for someone like me, the person who has everything, is a gift for someone else.

I may not leave you milk and cookies, but I'll be sure to donate a non-perishable food item in your name.



Elle Bee said...

The Dad request is so sad. Poor kid.

Your Christmas list is excellent. I donated both time and toys to Santa's Anonymous this year. It's much more gratifying to know that kids who would have had nothing otherwise will have a Christmas, than any gift that I could ever receive.

M said...

Uhhhh....if I said I bought you a book...would that be a problem?

Sarah said...

haha. Oh M-ster.
Books are always appreciated. Is it my Outlander book in wrapping paper?

Mari said...

I think you should mail that letter to santa, beautiful! Man, I want to get that kid a blanket...

M said...

No, I'm saving Outlander Returned for a Valentine's gift..I think I'll be finished by then. Acceptable?