Friday, January 29, 2010

In other news...

It's time for the latest report from my favourite small-town animal control officer. I think this might be even better than last month's. As usual, he kept it short and sweet, with no unnecessary (or possibly necessary) details.

-2 dogs taken to the vets
-Had a meeting with the OPP about two situations
-Dog bit a woman and was put under quarantine
- I received a call from the OPP on Christmas day. I spoke with a woman about a milk snake that was in her kitchen. I told her there could be more in her home. (Milk snakes are not poisonous). I tried to contact her later, however, there was no answer.

I'm picturing a far side comic with the woman held captive, perhaps tied to her Christmas tree, by milk snake bandits while her phone rings in the background.

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