Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good idea

Bixi bikes have finally arrived in Toronto!

A brilliant alternative for those of us who would rather trudge all over town on tired feet than have to try to store a bike in our closet-sized third story walk-ups and a little added incentive for drivers to leave their cars at home.

I have yet to brave one on any actual roadways (I'm still terrified of city traffic and don't have a helmet). But I'm pretty sure I was the first person in the city to sit on one thanks to the Bixi delivery man/taker of this photo!

Bad Idea

An ad for Claritin written across the sky.

By jets.

Thanks Claritin, for adding more pollutants/irritants to the atmosphere, helping to ensure that we all remain nice and congested and itchy-eyed until the end of time.

Good stuff.