Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiny Wings: Part 2

Today, during my umpteenth assignment at the local racetrack, as I stood at the rails, idly fiddling with my camera and waiting for the horses to make their way into the starting position, I heard "You getting focused?" and realized that I was standing next to this man and his wife. Sure enough, no sooner did I see them, then a monarch once again fluttered by onto the track.

It was so strange to run into these people. These two characters who in my mind became confined to what I wrote down a year ago, a blog post come to life and standing in front of me.

Strange too because I'm sure the brief encounter we shared, though significant enough for me to want to record a snapshot of, wouldn't have stuck with them in the same way.

Beyond his comment about the butterflies, which made me feel worlds less alone at a time when I was more lonely than I could afford to admit to myself, both he and his wife were so generous and kind in their encouragement, urging me, a new and still shy reporter to "get in there and get the shot."

And yet, they did remember me, and today was no different. "There's a nice shot. Here, step in front of me, Kiddo," she said as he enthusiastically nodded from his walker.

We chatted a bit about how my job is going and they seemed genuinely excited to hear that I'd been asked to stay on at the newspaper. The woman remembered that the day we met had been my first time covering the races, and she noted that I seemed less nervous. I seemed to have a handle on it now. It felt good to realize she was right.

Seeing them was a reminder of the kindness of strangers, the kind who notice a butterfly among thundering hooves.

And, it was a reminder that those monarchs aren't the only ones. I've come a long way on my own tiny set of wings.


Amber said...

That's very cool that you ran into them again and they even noticed that you weren't as nervous this time around!

bard said...

It must be the time of year. Yesterday, I also had an interesting encounter with a monarch. I jotted down a short "zen" poem about it that I will probably put up in my journal soon.

Leanne said...

This is such a fabulous post. So sweet. You have come such a long way, baby. I'm so proud.

Anonymous said...

darling. I'm so proud of you. and you're never even a little bit alone. xo

Andhari said...

Good to hear you've come a long way :) and definitely better at what you do. Kind strangers shock me too, I guess I'm so being used to people in the city ignoring and being cold to each other.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like one of those moments in life that were meant just for you.

Butterflies can be so symbolic. Love it.

Mr. Apron said...


I never run into the people I want.

Sarah said...

Amber: It is especially cool considering they're not even from here. They just drive in to go to the track once in a while.

Bard: I'll keep an eye out for that monarch peom

Elle Bee: Thank you Lovely! I'm so glad you're out there reading.

Andrea: Honestly I can't believe how much less alone I feel having "met" you guys through this. Thank you!

Andhari: Often when I'm in the city I'll play a game where I try to see how many people I can get to smile back at me when I pass them on the street. I always like to think that at least one of them will pass the smile along.

JPP: I know what you mean. It's all about the timing too. It would have been so easy for me to have missed them either time,

Mr. Apron: Thanks! Don't worry I definitely run into my share of unpleasant weirdos as well. They just usually don't make as much of an impression.

Anonymous said...

Awww. That's awesome hun. I always find that when people in the community genuinely appreciate the work I do for this newspaper, it feels better than most anything. It's great to be acknowledged for your work.