Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Into the Woods

Last week I got lost in the woods

I was supposed to be taking pictures of some students who were supposed to be doing some kind of nature-type activities at a dam. After getting lost multiple times while trying to find said dam for over an hour, I finally arrived only to find that the students in question had abandoned the dam in favour of one of a zillion nearby trails into the woods.

I was slightly irritated (fuming) as I picked a path at random and stomped off into the stupid woods to find the stupid bunch of stupid kids.

By the time I came across this tree, I could only assume that the names carved in it were of other reporters who had made the mistake of being lured into this apparent child-swallowing venus flytrap of a labrynth.

I half expected David Bowie to arrive and tell me he'd stolen my baby brother.

However, it's hard to hold a grudge against the world when you find yourself dappled in sunshine, surrounded by trees, flowers and scampering woodland creatures.

My outrage finally gave away when I found myself directing the question of "Seriously, whose life is this?" at a perplexed squirrel.

From seething to laughing in 8 seconds flat.

I never did find those kids though.


Mari said...

Really gorgeous flower- it looks like the trilliums we had in Oregon when I played in the woods as a child.

Are things heating up in your little town as summer approaches? Here, people have suddenly emerged from their houses, running, mowing lawns, driving too fast, and the park is crowded every night. It is always so bizarre, after the deserted look of winter!

Kyla Roma said...

lol Oh no! So frustrating!! At those moments it would be so much handier if a woodland creature just stepped up, started speaking English and took you where you needed to go!

Or handed you a GPS device. Either or.

bard said...

Love the Labyrinth reference.

Andhari said...

I'm glad because even though you're upset with what happened you can still appreciate the pretty things of the nature surrounding you :) Such pretty flowers in the picture:)

Kasey said...

lovely blog you have here

Mr. Apron said...

What did your editor say?

"Sarah, please stop getting lost in the woods. If you do this every time I give you a lameass assignment, our paper will be pictureless. Which will be a real problem for our illiterate constituency."

Molly said...

I love when the bigger picture takes over, especially by surprise.

Sarah said...

Mari: They are pretty, aren't they. Ontario's official flower! Now that the snow has finally (fingers crossed) stopped, it actually seems like I have human neighbours again and not just giant insulated parka-monsters racing from their houses to their vehicles!

Kyla: haha. Exactly! Where are Snow White's buddies when I need them?

Bard: I was totally on the lookout for some fraggle-style caterpillar to lead the way, but no such luck.

Andhari: You changed your name. Pretty!

Kasey: Thanks very much!

Mr. A: Ha ha. Hey now, I resent the implication that my readers are illiterate.

Molly: Absolutely!

Jeanneoli said...

Glad David Bowie never showed up! So funny that you never found the kids....

Anonymous said...

I like that one of those carvings is from 1984.

25 years later (*Peter checks math*) I wonder if those two crazy kids are still together.

Anonymous said...

I love that tree - It would make for a good set of rubbings!