Thursday, September 18, 2008

200 square feet of cute!

So I may have to ditch this reporter gig to take up carpentry. Won't dad be proud! It's not that I don't enjoy small-town journalism. For example, today I photographed this adorable man who couldn't stop giggling after making some joke about fixing his hair. I also got to watch several seniors try out the Nintendo wii bowling game. One woman kept shouting, "Who is that person in my lane? They're in my way!" referring to the on-screen character representing herself. I honestly can't think of too many more enjoyable ways to spend my morning at work.

HOWEVER, I just discovered, the website of this guy who builds the cutest gosh-darn teensy little houses you ever did see and all the adorable local news I get to run around covering just went right out the window. My new dream is to build Tinkerbell-sized, environmentally friendly, homes. Or at least to live in one.
I think I like the Weebee best.

Actually, conveniently enough, my parents built a very cute little bunkie in their backyard recently which should be easy enough to fit with solar panels and add a bathroom and tiny kitchen. Now all I have to build is a second one to hold all my dresses and shoes.

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Summer School said...

I'm glad to know young people are still going to be able to afford homes in the future. However I think there is an inverse relationship going on between the size of the homes and the size of the people!