Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, glorious food!

It took years of my mother explaining, "this is not a buffet," in response to my seriously ungrateful requests for a peanut butter sandwich to replace whatever delicious and nutritious meal she had slaved over, but I eventually developed a real appreciation for a variety of food.

When I lost my job, it took us about five minutes to decide to move to the city. It took me about six to start thinking about what I would eat upon our arrival.

Our neighbourhood has not disappointed. With everything from cheap and cheerful falafels and sushi to the treasure trove of fresh produce, mouth-watering cheeses and fragrant breads that make up the nearby market, despite our budget these days, we are feeling seriously indulged.

Here's a taste:

Homemade cornmeal muffins
with berries and greek yogurt,
drizzled with honey

Smoked applewood cheddar,
tomato, avocado, mayo
and corn relish on fresh focacia
(I could eat this every day)

Pad Thai on the patio

Teeny, tiny homemade lemon, vanilla cupcakes
with butter cream frosting

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