Thursday, March 4, 2010


All right, perhaps that's a little dramatic as far as titles go, but there is most certainly a sense of floating around untethered and uncertain of my direction these days.

Not to mention trying to keep a handle on the days themselves. I've been without employment for all of one week, and already the lack of deadlines has left me unsure if it's Wednesday or Thursday. (Don't worry though, I hear there are these devices called "calendars" that can really help with this kind of thing, so I should be all right).

Really though, there's not a lot to complain about. I mean, I spent the most active hours of my day wandering around the river in the sunshine and making delicious cous cous salad for my folks while watching Modern Family.

The problem is, the last time I moved all my things home and took my parents up on their very generous offer to let me stay with them while I sorted out jobs etc. I didn't leave for a year and a half. Granted, my situation now is vastly different, but I'm still wary of all this insidious comfort and relaxation attempting to seduce me.

To that end, Sparta has gone on ahead to the city to couch surf with friends and take on some shifts at a restaurant he used to work at and I plan to join him soon to at least get started at viewing apartments, if not for my own job interviews.

I feel like having that one thing to anchor me will work wonders at dissipating that little frowny-faced cartoon storm cloud that's been following me around like a helium balloon on a string.

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