Tuesday, March 17, 2009

76 trombones and a facial

(Compartment C, Car 193 -Edward Hopper)

Since Sparta (a.k.a my boyfriend) recently relocated to a convenient three hours away from where I live (seriously, he used to live 8 hours away, this is a breeze by comparison), I've been doing a lot more weekend traveling. My suitcase rarely makes it back into the closet before I'm hauling it back out and cramming it full of everything I might possibly need for two days in the city (and then some).

Not only has it been fantastic getting to see him more than once a month, it's provided a great breather from the feeling that I'm living on the set of Gilmore Girls minus all the young, attractive hip folk milling about. I just drive to the nearest city with a train station, leave my car with my parents, sit back and relax to the quiet rumble and sway of the train to the big city.

Et voila, suddenly I've got a million places to wear the clothes and makeup I don't bother with when I'm dashing around from pig roast to Chickenfest in my everyday life (I do wear clothes mind you, just boring ones).

Plus, get this, in the city, I have friends! So many that it's actually difficult to divide up my time over two days so as not to neglect anyone.

This weekend Ms. M and Sparta and I had dinner (Thai coconut shrimp -the likes of which has never been seen in these here parts) in one of my favourite neighbourhoods and then shared some wine before heading to an awkwardly small engagement party where we didn't know anyone and Sparta entertained himself (and let's be honest, M and I) and confused our hosts by behaving kind of like Hunter S. Thompson circa Fear and Loathing until we left, and then M and I went for paraben-free facials accompanied by the crashing cymbals of the passing St. Patrick's day parade outside.

Oh, I also got seriously stuck in the bathroom at Sparta's place. He had to use his warrior strength to break the door and get me out.

Despite the trip being a bit of a whirlwind of activity, while I rode back home watching the sun set over fields that are finally showing a hint of coming alive again, I felt more awake than I have in weeks.


The Panic Room said...

I wish riding the train in Florida was as spectacular as it is up North. I mean it's just a gross train, chugging along past strip malls and dead palms to nowhere good. I miss a good train ride. This post really made me crave some travel. Which we can't do at all now. So I guess this means I'm mad at you.

Mr. Apron said...

Ah, long-distance relationships. Makes me all wistful and misty-eyed for the time when I drove 6 hours, got broken up with, got right back in the car and drove 6 hours home.

*sigh* Memories...

Elle Bee... said...

I'm so glad the eight-hour gap has become three! I'm so excited for you.

insomniaclolita said...

The way you guys been together facing distances and everything are so beautiful. Glad it's much easier and closer for you now :)

Court said...

Locked in the bathroom! lol It could have been worse! What if he wasn't home!?!?!

Ahh to take a vacation....even if it's just 3 hours up the road, it sounds wonderful!

Mari said...

It all sounds lovely...

Sarah said...

TPR: haha. Fair enough. I've actually never taken a train where the landscape wasn't 95% gorgeous.

Mr. Apron: What a charming little anecdote. But hey, at least you saved on gas after that.

Elle Bee: Thanks! I'm pretty ridiculously giddy about it myself!

Lolita: That's so sweet of you, and a very nice way to think about it. Usually I'm just thinking "This is such a pain in the ass!"

Court: That's what I said! I felt so terrible about him having to break the door though. I said "No, no, don't break it, I'm sure we can figure out a way to just take the doorknob apart. I'm fine" He wasn't buying it though. "I can hear you quietly freaking out in there. Just sit down and read the Flare magazine while I break the door down... There are pretty ballgowns in the back." (He's subletting from a woman).

Mari: It most definitely was. :)

floreta said...

hats off to you. LDRs are hard!!