Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's official. My acting editor is leaving the paper in two days. While that might not mean anything to most people in the blogosphere, to me, it means approximately double the work, and no extra money to show for it for the month until the real editor returns. It also means, that for about a month, the local rag will probably read something like the above.

Maybe I can spin this into some kind of promotion. "For the next four weeks, I will be cleverly hiding grammatical errors, typos and incorrect names of local public figures, in the paper. Find them all for a free mug! (filled with my tears. And sweat. And dignity.)


Stuart A. Thompson said...

would be cool to run a whole darn paper

do they deliver to london?

p.s. are you the delivery guy now too?

Sarah said...

"Cool," Yes that's the word I've been looking for.
I'm afraid we don't go as far as London. I think the only reason I'm not the delivery guy, is that they just haven't thought of that new level of hell just yet.

Mari said...

I finally figured it out - Bucky is a republican! It all makes sense now...LOL! Is his full name Bucky Palin by any chance?

Sarah said...

That would make so much sense! Plus, All of her other children seem to have cat-appropriate first names. He'd fit right in!