Saturday, June 14, 2008

The glamourous, glamourous

This week I chatted with an emmy award-winning director/producer for the show 24, attended an exclusive shoe sale and a meeting with local politicians.

One might assume that I am perhaps a politically-inclined celebrity. One would be wrong. Well, sort of.

I am, in fact, your friendly neighbourhood small-town reporter, which actually does come with a strange version of celebrity, especially in a town with a population of about 3000.

Today I found myself being whisked around a nearby golf course by a friendly and enthusiastic member of the local Lion's Club, who were hosting a fundraiser for the local hospital. Not for the first time since I began this, my first real journalism-type job, I wanted to laugh out loud at the places and situations I wind up in in the quest for the ever-elusive -and usually soft,- "news."

From the day I tiptoed into the time capsule of a newspaper office and was greeted by the editor's exclamation of "God you're skinny. Somebody needs to feed you a sandwich," I knew this was going to be what they call an experience. And so far, every day has lived up to that expectation.

Though it is at times frustrating and exhausting, there are several things that keep me from jumping in the Hot Pursuit (my grandparents named my car) and driving way the heck outta here.

I get to write every day. Sure, maybe it's about the new regulations being introduced regarding landscape ponds, but still.
I'm not stuck behind a desk -at least not all the time.
I work with people I genuinely like.
I have a licence to be nosy!
I get to meet all kinds of people and listen to their stories. Yes, some of them are crazy or mean and angry that we didn't publish their alien abduction story, but most of them are really happy to see me.

Plus, a lot of them really DO feed me sandwiches.

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